Alex Van Halen Tribute Snare Drum

Alex Van Halen Tribute Snare! As you surely remember, during Van Halen’s 1981 tour for Fair Warning, Alex Van Halen played an iconic, black and white Ludwig drum set. I had a poster of this kit in my room. It is what every great rock kit should be – huge (six bass drums), too many toms and cymbals to use, a fire extinguisher, and a gong you can light on fire. So, I built this snare as a tribute to AVH and that kit.

It’s made from walnut and maple to mimic the stripes and is the same size (6-1/2 x 14) that Alex used on that tour. It has Ludwig-style lugs, a P85 throw off and P32 butt plate, which where common on Ludwig snares of that era. The top head is a clear Remo black dot, which he used on that tour and I attached the snare with wires because I like to believe that’s what Alex did.

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